Sunday, August 27, 2006

A Harryhausen Sunday

I didn't go to work today. As it turns out, I suddenly had 10 hours on hand to do ___________? Solution, impromptu party! So I called everyone and said "Impromptu Party!" It seemed like a bunch of people would show up and we'd watch some Ray Harryhausen. But alas, it would only be Deda and Tomoko. Can't complain! Many good treats from Creations desserts and Bok Choy Garden (vegetarian chinese restaurant next door - i have lunch for tommorrow!)

Yes, you should be jealous.

Why do these villians care to be Calliph when they have such great powers? It'd be easy to raise an army of loyal followers and soldiers when your leader has the brains to construct a fully automated metal minotaur golem. What soldier doesn't want to be on the side with the Minoton? I do.

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Eva said...

Oh shucks, I'm jealous, ARRR~