Sunday, July 30, 2006

Casey's Bonfire Birthday Bash

Flame On!

Waterballoons + Super Slingshot + Volunteer = Beach side Holiganism

KD Rep'n

Fire! Fire!

This mysterious box of wood somehow produced magical elixirs.

Rui of the... East/West? Side?

Magic wood box elixir.

We're crazy! Crazy for Bananas!

Art! Also, enter Debbie and Ben.

Oh look! A camera! Hahaha! Why are we laughing?

Casey: "Get Ready"

Dan: "10-4, Sh!ts going down."

Casey: "I should have worked for Capital One!"

I could have photoshopped some "farty" propulsion lines in but he looks too happy for stink lines.

This is the most graceful picture of Anthony. Ever. He looks like Buddha leaping from a cliff with the full confidence that the wind will carry him safely across the bottomless chasm below.

"The most animated I've ever seen Ed" - Toby, Lead Designer, Toys For Bob

Casey: "Did you see me jump? I wasn't scared one bit!"

Nose-Ear Jeremy

I wonder if this would be a cool painting.

Marshmellow Smores! KD Rocks! X-D

Smiley faces

I swear, this sort of stuff does not happen if we have 5 people exposure drawing.


It's a :-)

At this point, the po-po came by to give us the heave-ho. I want to provide an illustration depicting this event since actually taking pictures of the cops would probably have pissed them off enough to hit me with their laser cop eye beams.

Escape to Riptide (awesome awesome awesome little bar - 46th-ish and Taravel)


I love potato chips!


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