Monday, January 31, 2011

This is The End?

my gmail account has something like 7 GB of storage but my Picasa server that stores all my blog photos only gets 1 GB? Can't I allot some of that storage from one system to another? Unless otherwise, it looks like this is the end of Gundammit. I will have to migrate to another address because I don't plan on paying for more storage. Thanks for the free stuff anyways google. post comments if you know a way around this. Just short of finishing posting my 2010 pictures and post # 1000. =( Gundammit has been a personal blog / record of my life since Saturday, June 18th 2005 maintained by me. And presumably some magic google machines. Thanks for reading. I'll be back to post the new link.


Yeedeh said...

I paid $5 a year upgraded to 20GB, not bad.

Deda said...

I opened a new gmail account, made it administrator of the blog and started posting with that other name. I am still pirating my way around the internet. :P