Thursday, December 24, 2009

Xmas eve under the Sun

Tavern in Brentwood.
-> yelp

Butter-crumbed eggs with arugula and soft polenta

Chorizo and eggs with sofrito and fried potatoes

Maria had never been to the Hollywood walk. But I've never been to Alcatraz or ridden a trolley car


tub of pork butt...

This is the plaza where Orochon Ramen (as seen on man vs food) is.

Lazy Ox Canteen as suggested by Patricia
-> yelp

- Bar staff was excellent.
- food was excellent.
- wait staff was hovering and annoying (well according to my sister and her friend, I had my back to them)
- I don't mind eating all sorts of flavors but the menu wasn't unified enough for my sister.

Periwinkle from the Chef. You have to eat/extract them with a tooth pick (those are chopsticks in the picture).

This was the best thing I ate at Lazy Ox. Pork Chicharones skewers with Poblano Sauce.

Sashimi of yellowtail with castelvetrano olives, pomegranate & fuyu persimmon

Charred octopus with pickled shallots, corona beans, garlic-rapini & calamansi vinaigrette

uh... soup?

roasted squash

Roast cauliflower gratin with gruyere & ras el hanout

Braised beef paleron with cream of wheat, kumquats & red wine.
This one was just ok actually.

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