Friday, October 02, 2009

Freddy goes Fort-- ...Twenty Eight

We surprised Fred for his birthday showing up at his Swing Dance night. Above at NOPA for a late late weekday meal.

Amuse Bouche - apple with a brown sugar buttered graham and sea salt. I thought the amount of the buttered graham was too much given the size of the apple slice. First bite is great but the graham quickly takes over.

Nelson pulled a "order one of each appetizer." Sweet! This one was like a tomato bread soup of sorts. I don't imagine I could eat a whole bowl of it on my own. Would be great as a bread dip if there was more cheese.

Fried peppers. S'OK. Again, if two people ordered these, not sure it's something you'd want to eat all of. Good to share with at least 4 people.

What is this? It's good.

Good too. Goat cheese, crustini, greens. Hard to mess up.

Tomato Salad, garlic croutons, shaved pepato, purslane.

Flatbread with arugula, pear, and pancetta.

Morrocan Vegetable Tajine, toasted almonds, lemon yogurt.

Grass fed burger, pickled onions, french fries, pesto aioli.

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