Friday, April 10, 2009

Kappou Gomi with pictures this time.

Future warning. 6 oz of hot sake can really numb your taste buds. Avoid or wait till the middle of the meal before you start!

That's some green tea. I haven't been served tea like this since New York. And this one is free!

This is the Anago Yuba Tempura. The Anago is wrapped in a soy skin and then fried with tempura batter. The dishes all sort of came out at once this time and I neglected the tempura at first so by the time I got to it, the batter started getting a little soggy or rather, not as crisp.

This is an eggplant tempura piece. !!! There were also mystery stalks. I think a pink fish cake thing... Herb leaf? Shitake mushroom. Served with a side of grated daikon and a bit too much ginger.

Toujiro - pork and Japanese vegetable soup.

Yay, you don't normally get these sort of vegetables. Well, kobacha maybe.

Kampachi Yuzumiso Ae. very yum! Yuzu is a Japaanese lime so this had a great citrus bouqet. The celery confused me at first but I figured out (as is always the case with these multi-item dishes) you have to eat them all together. The celery was for just the texture since celery is very blah. The green on the right is the bitter content. Anyways, this is a good one.

Eggplant Orishi Ni. I didn't know I ordered two soups! oh well. I guess I have to learn the menu. Apparently, all four of these dishes take a while to prepare so I ended up waiting awhile to get my food so another element to learning the menu.

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