Friday, November 10, 2006

Kid Koala

Saw the Kid live Thursday night at the Mezzanine. Amazing! Best live performance I've ever been to. Physically seeing raw talent like this is rare. You see athletes on TV and at sporting arenas all the time. Tons of people are great singers. Seeing Colm Wilkinson perform is right up there as well on my top live performances list as his voice is of rare brilliance. This was my favorite performance of the night.

If you don't get it, Kid is playing two identical records and cross mixing them into each other. Maybe it's not hard to do (unlikely) but to know exactly where to sync the two up like that is mind-boggling for this Friday poster. DJ Qbert was also on hand to flex his flash. Kid also debuted his new Mosquito scratch style. With jazz in the background, he used the sound grains in the vinyl to do a jazz solo. Simply amazing. I didn't even imagine it possible. In the A+ for showmanship category, Kid took an intermission to have a cookoff battle with the sound girl, Sharon. Sharon would play and presumably mix this track of Kid's mother in law giving recipe instructions while Kid, with chef hat and custom apron, tried to follow the recipe with ingredients on the stage. Lastly, you could tell what a good time he was having on stage. It really made for a pleasant time.

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Getinet said...

I have to agree. I saw him last april at the independent. That was an impressive show, but the one on Thursday night was just unreal.

here some photos from the night