Thursday, May 18, 2006

Mimi-est of Days

who will be the halibut hero?

No sweat or not a chance?

Roundin' up our 1 day fishing liscenses and fishing rods

armed with our said licenses and rods as well as a healthy supply of hooks and sinkers. It looks like I'm giving the thumbs up but I'm really gesturing, "stick this pole where you keep your cows!"

Sean, possible but less probable brother of Mimi

Anchors away! No, I mean they dropped them into the water and started screaming "we're screwed! we lost the anchors!" but later realized they had only dropped a crewman.

Pickin' up the bait.

So are these strange creatures the locals referred to as "birds"

Mimi's coworker Dan, cruisin along the Pacific.

Romy is the first to strike. A keeper!

Mimi with the weeny wopper. Had to throw it back in.

I let two big ones get away! (possibly rocks) but this one came up really easily. A keeper as well. It might look bigger but it's just the camera.

Cruisin' to a new location.

In the mess hall with George the cook.

This crazy lady wished us "good fishin" before the trip. Egads! It's a 17 pound Sheepshead. Ginormous!

Our small catch.

Fileting of Fish

Heading of Home

After freshing up, we went to Lonestar for some steak. Thanks to Gordi for some of the picture you see here.

And thanks to Mimi's other brother Kit for Dinner! Steak was yummy!

mmm.... Steak.... (ribeye)

What's next Mimi?

Hi Mike! What are we looking at?

Our "last" stop was to some indoor go-kart racing.

Excited to go?

I think so!

Suiting up.

Red Romy

Oh, did I mention it was Mimi's Bachelor party?


It was a fun day. How did I feel at the end of it? I think my face explains it all all too clearly.

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